The Earth a Smoldering Ember

from by Din



Numb, distant voices, unintelligible.
A panicked cry from a nearby radio.
Too far from my grasp
Listening to their suffering
feigning understanding
The path of ignorance refracts the path of wisdom
Ignorance, the coward's path
Disingenuous smiles no longer placate
I see splintered gums, gnarled tongues
Gnawing at the roots of verity.
Pale anomalies withering, quivering fools be damned
There will be no vengeance here.
Grasping at ghosts, mists slither around the pleading wrists.
This is not your world, it never was.
Sneaking shadows creeping
A coil of cold steel embraces.
Consciousness recoils, shuddering.
Crescendo of darkness encompassing
Engulfed by macrocosm
A withering corpse free falling
Flash cracks and decays,
Emerging from the rot, pure energy.
Keening mourners of the rotten sun
Throngs of human filth, they are cast asunder.

A shallow grave, an apathy more hollow
Consumed by malaise, surrendering to the storm
A lurking menace, a slave to none
Devouring without prejudice, the maggots spawn.
Stalwart legions waging wars of attrition.
The Earth an ember.


from Rain Follows the Plow, released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Din Boston, Massachusetts

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