Rain Follows the Plow

by Din

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released August 10, 2016

Guitars/Vocals - Mike
Bass - Morgan
Drums - Pete

Recorded and mixed by Kenny Goshgarian at Nightfall Studios in Canton, MA
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA
Cover Art by Mark Richards of Heavy Hand Illustration
CD layout by Matt Ross of Dusk Driven Design



all rights reserved


Din Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mandibles Like Fire
Our world is not defined by the concrete
The ebb and flow of equations, abstractions unbound

I find my domicile.
The shadow of the pillar of time casts doubt in the stoic
whose stalking shadow staggers
Ubiquitous demise.

Catastrophe clears the fog of perspective
We've not begun to suffer, pain lingers in the distance
With mandibles like fire.

Searing the flesh and sucking the marrow
No remorse, morality or splendor
A sight to behold, avert yon eyes, sirrah.

Fate worse than death awaiting you.
Rise above the muddied masses
Dominate the frozen wastes.
Purgatory of dead ideas.

Transformation hovers like the stormclouds above
Deluge of reason cleanses the shores.
Track Name: The Impetus and Detritus of Vision
Lo there wandering man
Callow as my eyes dark
Witness your journey unfold
Though oceans of time have carried you forth.
These eyes served me long ago
But in this dark, I need them not
Antecedent ages hold no secrets
Now-dead vestiges illuminate history
Revealed to me, your foregone days
Survival is written in your blood
Endless struggle stokes the flame
Through which you have walked unscathed
The battle once waged by the sword
Has been won by the mind
They who would fill a mass grave
Now, thralls to the wise
Your vessel will crash ashore
Helios’ desolate isle
Where man becomes beast
When bereft of gods’ favor
And you shall leave this place a man.
Adapt to thy setting
As this wretch has done before
Look well upon mine eyes
Now covered by the sands of time
Usurpers and enslavers, slay them all
They wish to steal your world!
Now, far from the sea
No blade by your side
No journey before you
Your eyes dark like mine.
Track Name: The Earth a Smoldering Ember
Numb, distant voices, unintelligible.
A panicked cry from a nearby radio.
Too far from my grasp
Listening to their suffering
feigning understanding
The path of ignorance refracts the path of wisdom
Ignorance, the coward's path
Disingenuous smiles no longer placate
I see splintered gums, gnarled tongues
Gnawing at the roots of verity.
Pale anomalies withering, quivering fools be damned
There will be no vengeance here.
Grasping at ghosts, mists slither around the pleading wrists.
This is not your world, it never was.
Sneaking shadows creeping
A coil of cold steel embraces.
Consciousness recoils, shuddering.
Crescendo of darkness encompassing
Engulfed by macrocosm
A withering corpse free falling
Flash cracks and decays,
Emerging from the rot, pure energy.
Keening mourners of the rotten sun
Throngs of human filth, they are cast asunder.

A shallow grave, an apathy more hollow
Consumed by malaise, surrendering to the storm
A lurking menace, a slave to none
Devouring without prejudice, the maggots spawn.
Stalwart legions waging wars of attrition.
The Earth an ember.
Track Name: Lingering Threat of Attenuation
Wandering not after capricious auguries.
Shunning false beacons
Sanguine strands adorn dank subterranean tunnels
Realities falling like torrential rains.
In an eternal moment of tumult
Pooling at our feet and rising ominously.
Lingering threat of attenuation
Waning masters of nothingness gazing on oblivion
Now choking, reaching, grasping for anchorage in the tempest
Abandoned, marooned, forsaken in a realm of dying light.
Isolated are we in space and time
Malingering and plotting and demise, eroding and dilapidated.
Track Name: Titans Collide
Army of reason
Thundering multitudes
Descends upon the neo-heretic
Vanquish our great foe, a virus of the mind.
Dismantling the palisades of antiquity.
Ancient illusion festers, feast of the ego,
Archaic anachronisms – cacophony of fallacy.
Disintegrated pages of the hallowed tome
Drift into the sunset, no longer legible,
The once revered word has perished.
Lost to man as quickly as the lies were inked.
Existence augmented as the veil is lifted, perpetual inquisition.
A rapture of reason, titans colliding in a realm of empty space.
The lepers flee to the shadows of their former relegation, regurgitated by the esophageal mucus of common sense
Adiaphorous claims rapidly dismissed.
Track Name: Expelling the Anachronistic
Facets of purity under duress of the great white flood
Repentance in the halls of servitude
Cowering at the feet of the nefarious majesty
All hail the decrepit bishop
Ablution by anathema, Murder by hateful intent
Paying penance in the shrine of infinite wisdom
The Pardoner bathes in the blood of martyrdom
Granting indulgence to earthly suffering
Offering a glimpse of sunlight in the abyss

Swear allegiance to the deluge
The Congregation of lesser heretics
Swarms of locust reflecting spiritual violence
Delusional dogma summoning secular bloodshed.
Tumultuous trials of the blessed endowment.
Trial of the aposotate choked by din
Cynic destined to suffer by dawn
Make the oath or spill the blood
Manifestion of the last rites of the condemned.

Collapsing the pillars of forgiveness
The ignorant gather to observe
As the meek tumble to their perpetual sojourn.
Washed away by the rapturous tears of the faithful.
Impure ideas pulled into the void of singularity
The grotesque corpses dangle, left to rot
Whirlwind of forever impoverished spirits
Infected with irrevocable sacrilege
A molten soul in agony rejecting reconstruction
Track Name: Rain Follows the Plow
More and more the earth is churned
Planting seeds for the world to burn
Rain follows the plow
Equines straining
Soil decaying
Rain follows the plow

Raping the land, drought abound
Sky and earth turned inside out

Wall of dust lurking on the horizon
Hairs raised on the nape of the neck
Gather the children, stable the horses
A storm of earth encroaches
Lungs turn black as the skin peels.
Eyes empty caverns,

Rain follows the plow, swallowing what we’ll soon become
Delirium in the fields of dust, industry of efficiency
Delirium in the fields of dust, plowshare shatters like brittle bones
Track Name: Whispers from Aokigahara
Outlook plagued by apathy
The damned ambulates toward the forest
Corpses festoon the path, swaying in drift with the breeze
Whispers from Aokigahara

Free falling, for a brief moment.

Beckoning voices shrieking, cackling
The damned ties the noose with a smile
Toss the rope, begin the climb, short though binding
Whispers from Aokigahara.

Free falling for a brief moment.

The forest calls to you.
The forest calls to us.