Rain Follows the Plow EP

by Din

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released March 15, 2013

Mike Burns - mixing, guitars, vocals, bass
Pete Dechellis - Drums
Eliot Bayless - Mastering
Special thanks to Matt O'Rourke for his input with the mix.



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Din Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mandibles Like Fire
The world is not defined by the concrete
The ebb and flow of equations, abstractions unbound
I find my domicile.

The shadow of the pillar of time casts doubt in the stoic
Whose stalking shadow staggers
Ubiquitous demise.

Catastrophe clears the fog of perspective
We've not begun to suffer, pain lingers in the distance
with mandibles like fire.

Searing the flesh and sucking the marrow
No remorse, morality, or splendor
A sight to behold, avert yon eyes, sirrah.

A fate worse than death awaiting you
Rise above the muddied masses
Dominate the frozen wastes
Purgatory of dead ideas.

Transformation hovers like the storm clouds above
Deluge of reason cleanses the shores.
Track Name: Rain Follows the Plow
More and more the earth is churned
Planting seeds for the world to burn
Rain follows the plow.

Equines straining
Soil decaying
Rain follows the plow.

Raping the land, drought a bound
Sky and earth, turned inside out.

A wall of dust lurking on the horizon
Hairs raised on the nape of the neck
Gather the children, stable the horses
A storm of earth encroaches
Lungs turn black as the skin peels
Eyes empty caverns.

Rain follows the plow
Swallowing what we'll soon become
Delirium in the fields of dust, industry of efficiency
Delirium in the fields of dust, the plowshare shatters like brittle bones.
Track Name: Expelling the Anachronistic
Facets of purity under duress of the great white flood
Repentance in the halls of servitude
Cowering at the feet of the nefarious majesty
All hail the decrepit bishop
Ablution by anathema, murder by hateful intent
Paying penance in the shrine of infinite wisdom
The pardoner bathes in the blood of martyrdom
Granting indulgence to earthly suffering
Offering a glimpse of sunlight in the abyss.

Swear allegiance to the deluge
The Congregation of lesser heretics
Swarms of locust reflecting spiritual violence
Delusional dogma summoning secular bloodshed
Tumultuous trials of the blessed endowment
Trial of the aposotate choked by din
Cynic destined to suffer by dawn
Make the oath or spill the blood
Manifestion of the last rites of the condemned

Collapsing the pillars of forgiveness
The ignorant gather to observe
As the meek tumble to their perpetual sojourn
Washed away by the rapturous tears of the faithful
Impure ideas fall into the void of singularity
The grotesque corpses dangle, left to rot
Whirlwind of forever impoverished spirits
Inflicting irrevocable sacrilege
A molten soul in agony rejecting reconstruction.