The Impetus and Detritus of Vision

from by Din



Lo there wandering man
Callow as my eyes dark
Witness your journey unfold
Though oceans of time have carried you forth.
These eyes served me long ago
But in this dark, I need them not
Antecedent ages hold no secrets
Now-dead vestiges illuminate history
Revealed to me, your foregone days
Survival is written in your blood
Endless struggle stokes the flame
Through which you have walked unscathed
The battle once waged by the sword
Has been won by the mind
They who would fill a mass grave
Now, thralls to the wise
Your vessel will crash ashore
Helios’ desolate isle
Where man becomes beast
When bereft of gods’ favor
And you shall leave this place a man.
Adapt to thy setting
As this wretch has done before
Look well upon mine eyes
Now covered by the sands of time
Usurpers and enslavers, slay them all
They wish to steal your world!
Now, far from the sea
No blade by your side
No journey before you
Your eyes dark like mine.


from Rain Follows the Plow, released August 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Din Boston, Massachusetts

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